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Govt policy moves from the past week

Wang Qingyun
Updated: Dec 24,2019 09:08 AM    China Daily

Transparent grassroots government promoted

Ways to promote transparent grassroots government were put forward at a State Council executive meeting on Dec 18 that Premier Li Keqiang presided over.

Implementing the Regulation on Government Information Disclosure and further enhancing local governments' disclosure of information were important steps for improving the business environment, the meeting heard.

It was decided at the meeting that governments at county, district, town and subdistrict levels should work toward standardized disclosure of their services.

Local government affairs concern the interests of the people, and all such affairs that can be disclosed should be disclosed, the meeting was told.

Grassroots governments should expand the public's participation in administrative decision-making, and clarify and publicize areas where public participation is permitted and the ways the public can be involved.

When dealing with items that directly affect people's interests, governments should seek public advice through hearings and discussions. They should also respond to public concerns in a timely manner when implementing decisions.

Governments should also finish compiling their lists of items subject to information disclosure, and make sure the whole process is transparent and results are openly available.

The meeting also decided that governments should fully disclose their administrative services and the procedures that need to be taken to access them, both online and offline.

Eligibility for science and tech prizes clarified

A draft revision of the Regulation on State Science and Technology Prizes was passed at the State Council executive meeting on Dec 18.

It says natural science projects should be forward looking and theoretical to qualify for the prizes, and those who conduct basic research, in fields such as mathematics, should enjoy better chances of winning the prizes.

Scientific and technological inventions and advances should be closely related to the country's major strategies and development needs to qualify for the prizes, the draft says.

Individuals and organizations that have violated ethics or committed misconduct in their work must not be nominated for or granted the prizes, and the review of nominations must be open, fair and just, it says.