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China's couriers will be entitled to apply for professional ranks soon

Updated: Jan 05,2020 01:55 PM    CGTN

Couriers who work harder daily, have better customer relations, and master stronger technical skills in package sorting will be able to get professional ranks or titles after evaluations, according to the latest documents issued by the Chinese government this week.

This is a way to promote dignity for the growing numbers of couriers and encourage talents to remain in the industry and contribute it.

Along with the booming e-commerce market, China's package delivery market has also grown into the world's largest over the past few years.

Meanwhile, the number of people in the industry has reached three million in 2018. And 70 percent of them work as couriers, dispatchers, and sorters.

But the lack of labor standards in the industry has rooted in uncertainties in their careers, such as the lack of a career path.

The National Standard of Couriers issued by China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the State Post Bureau this week aims to concur with the dilemma, offering an official career path for the growing group.

In 2018, China's package delivery industry dealt with 507 million orders, reflecting an increase of 26.6 percent year-on-year, surpassing any other country.

According to the Standard, couriers, and dispatchers can apply for five different professional ranks, from a junior courier at the lowest level to a senior technician in the highest one.

Couriers will be evaluated from various aspects, including packing skills, operation sorting system and accountability. What should be done in a security check and how to operate smart mailboxes will also be examined.

Meanwhile, the basic education requirement of couriers has been converted from high school to middle school, which is another attempt to encourage more people to join in.

The topic "couriers can apply for ranks in five different levels" has become a hashtag sensation on China's equivalent to social media platform Twitter, with 270 million reviews and received over a thousand comments.

Weibo user @Zhanghaoxuan commented that this is an effective way to find talents in the industry.

"This is the recognition of the identity as a courier since the package delivery industry is growing, but people don't recognize the importance of couriers," wrote @WatchZheng on Weibo. "Being a courier is a job to be proud of.”

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security also announced further support to couriers is under way. They are planning to offer training workshops, publish textbooks, and design a suitable curriculum for couriers, to guarantee the healthy development of the industry in the future.