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China works to boost employment for migrant workers

Updated: August 7, 2020 21:16    Xinhua

BEIJING — China is taking multipronged measures to enable its vast number of migrant workers to find jobs as the country coordinates regular COVID-19 prevention and control with efforts related to economic and social development.

According to a recent guideline jointly issued by 15 government departments, including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Development and Reform Commission, efforts will be made to broaden the channels through which migrant workers can seek employment, a move that relates to China's aim of "winning the battle against poverty."

More policy support will be given to industries such as accommodation and catering, which are labor-intensive and major employers of migrant workers, while flexible employment will also be promoted in new occupations such as livestreaming salesperson and delivery person for online orders.

Aside from seeking jobs in cities, rural migrant workers are also encouraged to make the best of opportunities in their local areas, for example, in the processing of agricultural and forestry products, as well as rural-leisure tourism. In addition, those who want to set up their own businesses will receive guidance from mentors.

Rural migrant workers who have lost their jobs will be able to register their jobless status easily, accessing vocational training as well as various subsidies during the training courses.

In arranging employment, priority will be given to migrant workers who are poor, according to the guideline.

China has 290 million rural migrant workers, over 60 percent of whom normally leave their countryside homes to seek jobs in cities. By the end of the second quarter, there were a total of 178 million rural migrant workers in the cities, 97.3 percent of the level seen during the same period last year, said Li Zhong, vice-minister of human resources and social security, on Aug 7.