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Govt policy moves from past week

Mo Jingxi
Updated: Sep 08,2020 07:27 AM    China Daily

Program to boost coronavirus testing

China will further improve its nucleic acid testing capacity for novel coronavirus infections, according to a work program released by the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism on COVID-19 on Aug 31.

Under the program, all the country's secondary-level general hospitals will be capable of conducting nucleic acid sampling and testing before the end of this year.

Testing bases in urban areas and public testing laboratories will also be established by then.

The testing capacity of testing bases in urban areas should reach 10,000 samples a day, and the figure should be increased to 30,000 samples a day during epidemics, according to the program.

One hundred public testing laboratories will be set up across the country, with each being able to handle 10,000 samples a day. As a result, the country will be able to handle a million samples a day.

To give full play to the development of third-party laboratories, the program urges local authorities to guide and promote their establishment in accordance with laws and regulations and allow them to participate in nucleic acid testing through government service procurement.

The program said that a mechanism to mobilize different areas' nucleic acid testing resources will be built to ensure a rapid response in times of need.

The country will be divided into eight regions to plan for greater testing capacity, with each being able to handle between 500,000 and 700,000 samples a day.

The measures will help the country achieve the goal of completing nucleic acid tests for all residents who need them in five to seven days.

The program also said that if a location that sees a cluster of COVID-19 infections has insufficient nucleic acid testing capacity, local authorities will be able to submit an application to the State Council's joint prevention and control mechanism, and the National Health Commission will mobilize nearby testing teams to offer support once the application is approved.

80 war memorials and historical sites listed

A list of 80 State-level war memorials and historical sites was released on Sept 3 when the country commemorated the 75th anniversary of victory in the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, which was part of World War II.

The new list includes facilities and sites that commemorate prominent battles, martyrs who made outstanding contributions, and renowned foreigners who sacrificed their lives to support the Chinese people during the Japanese invasion of China, according to a notice released by the State Council.

Also on Sept 3, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs announced a list of 185 war heroes, martyrs and groups.

In its notice, the State Council urged local governments to further enhance the preservation, management and promotion of the facilities and sites, to guide the public, and especially teenagers, in maintaining awareness of China's history of resistance and the contributions made by martyrs.

Previous lists of facilities, sites, fallen soldiers and heroic groups to commemorate the country's victory in the war were issued in September 2014 and August 2015.