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Govt policy moves from past week

Mo Jingxi
Updated: Nov 11,2020 07:18 AM    China Daily

Guidelines set to boost grotto temple protection

The General Office of the State Council has issued a set of guidelines about protecting and making better use of the country's grotto temples.

Such temples are widely distributed nationwide and are large-scale facilities.

As they integrate different types of art such as architecture, sculpture, wall painting and calligraphy, the temples reflect the nation's aesthetic pursuits, values and cultural spirit, according to a notice published on Nov 4.

However, protection of the temples still faces problems, such as damage caused by geological disasters or intentional harm, a lack of institutions and professional personnel to undertake the protection and management of small and medium-sized temples, and inadequate archaeological research.

The guidelines stress that protection will always be the first priority and emphasize the importance of using science and technology, as well as high-quality, professional personnel in research and restoration, during protection efforts.

They also underscore the need to establish a long-term mechanism to provide security for grotto temples and improve the use of digital technology in their conservation and use.

Protection projects will be carried out to ensure that the major risks faced by grotto temples are fully eliminated by the end of 2022.

The guidelines note that efforts should also be made to better display the beauty of grotto temples and regulate tourism activities, and said the development of tourism should emphasize protection and avoid excessive commercialization.

They also stress the importance of strengthening cooperation in the protection of cultural heritage with countries along the ancient Silk Road and the promotion of relations to be established between grotto temples at home and abroad.

To cultivate talented people in the fields of archaeology, heritage protection and digital technology for grotto temple protection, a joint education base focusing on postgraduate studies will be established by the end of 2022, according to the guidelines.

New energy vehicles to embrace breakthroughs

China has pledged to boost high-quality development of new energy vehicles, according to a plan for the growth of the sector from 2021 to 2035, published on Nov 2.

The plan, issued by the General Office of the State Council, said development of such vehicles is a strategic move to tackle climate change and promote green development.

To boost development of new energy vehicles in China, the plan emphasizes the need for efforts to make breakthroughs in core key technologies, improve the sector's basic capabilities, improve infrastructure systems and optimize the environment for industrial development.

By 2025, the country's new energy vehicle sector should have made groundbreaking achievements in key technologies such as batteries, motors and vehicle operating systems to significantly improve market competitiveness, according to the plan.

By that time, new sales of such vehicles should equal 20 percent of the country's total car sales, it added.

The plan also called for greater international cooperation and active participation in international competition, resulting in China's new vehicle industry becoming deeply integrated with global industrial and value chains.