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Govt policy moves from past week

Zhang Yunbin
Updated: Nov 03,2021 07:05    China Daily

Cram school activities to be closely tracked

Education authorities have been asked to create a mechanism to identify, verify and keep track of all cram schools to make sure none escape oversight by the national watchdog.

The decision was announced in a circular issued by the Ministry of Education on Oct 27.

It comes at a time when the country is seeking to ease the burdens of excessive homework and off-campus tutoring placed on elementary school and junior high students.

The ministry has asked provincial-level educational authorities to confirm "the exact number of off-campus training institutions in their catchment areas".

All cram schools were required to register through the ministry's online platform for after-school training management by Oct 31.

Local authorities must then verify the information each has provided and track their operational status from Nov 15 onward.

Cram schools are further required to update information regarding their teachers, teaching materials, funds and other matters through the platform in real time.

From middle of this month, the ministry will carry out random checks to ensure that progress is being made, and will issue special briefings in cases under scrutiny and on the quality of data that has been collected.

Authorities have already rolled out strict regulations to deal with after-school training enterprises.

In late May, authorities ordered comprehensive oversight of off-campus training institutions and cracked down on unlawful operations, false advertising, profiteering and improper links with schools.

Real online identity registration mulled

While internet users remain free to decide whether their user names include their real names or not, they must provide proof of identity when registering for online platforms, according to a draft regulation released on Oct 26.

The Cyberspace Administration of China has since begun soliciting public opinion on the draft.

If passed, netizens will be prohibited from signing up for accounts with user names based on Party, government and military organs, enterprises, public institutions and people's organizations.

Users will also be banned from creating misleading aliases related to news media or other news service providers.

The draft also requires internet service providers to ensure that minors registering for online accounts have the permission of their guardians, and must verify the identities of both the minor and their guardian.

The draft also laid out the responsibilities of online service platforms, including ensuring the security of personal information collected and stored on servers.

16 provinces increase pension payments

This year, 16 provincial-level regions increased base-level pensions for both urban and rural residents, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security said on Oct 27.

According to the ministry, they have raised levels by a maximum of 100 yuan ($15.70) per month, benefiting more than 72 million elderly people.

As of the end of last year, over 542 million citizens were covered by the national pension scheme, most of whom were rural residents.

The ministry added that over the next five years, China will increase payments step-by-step to improve livelihoods.