Govt policy moves from past week
Updated: April 11, 2024 15:39 China Daily

Campaign to improve domestic services field

The general offices of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce have issued a statement assigning tasks to authorities to boost the development of the country's domestic services industry.

The NDRC and the Ministry of Education will collaborate on a special campaign to enhance cooperation between domestic services companies and universities and schools to train more professionals in the field, according to the statement.

It said the government bodies should encourage more universities and vocational schools to set up majors related to domestic services, and encourage domestic services companies to contribute to vocational schools' efforts to develop their curriculums, write textbooks, establish a team of domestic services teachers and provide internships for students, among other requirements.

State Council targets meat product crimes

The office of the food safety commission of the State Council, the Ministry of Public Security and two other central government bodies have launched an eight-month-long campaign to crack down on crimes related to meat products.

The four agencies said in a notice that the campaign is focused on pork, beef, mutton and chicken products, and covers the whole production processes of the meats.

Local authorities are asked to investigate and crack down on major crimes involving meat products, shut down farms and companies engaged in illegal activities and punish violators.

The authorities are asked to pay close attention to key areas, including major counties that produce hog, cattle, goat and chicken, and focus on the operations of various related entities, including farms, slaughterhouses and venues where ailing animals and carcasses are disposed of.

Behavior subject to investigation and punishment includes the use of clenbuterol and other illegal drugs in livestock and poultry, the sale of meat products made from ailing animals and the improper disposal of such animals and their carcasses.

Ministry urges action to prevent flooding

The general office of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has asked regions across the country to make concrete efforts to prevent flooding in cities.

This year is going to see more extreme weather events and higher risks of floods, the ministry said in a notice, asking related authorities in cities to dredge drainage pipelines and rivers in urban areas to ensure water is discharged smoothly.

The authorities should conduct maintenance work to guarantee safe operations at pump stations, sluice gates and check valves, as well as the rapid response of mobile pumps and other equipment during emergencies. They should also repair manhole covers to prevent accidents.

Agricultural watchdogs told to beware of fake seeds

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has decided to carry out a campaign to crack down on illegal activities that undermine the quality of agricultural products and food security.

In a notice issued on its website, the ministry asked agricultural authorities at the provincial level to pay special attention to seed production and trade bases and punish those selling fake or poor quality seeds, as well as knockoff seed brands.

The authorities were also required to crack down on the production and sale of pesticides that have been banned, as well as counterfeit pesticides, fertilizers and veterinary drugs, among other behaviors.

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