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Premier Li Keqiang: Do not let the state funds ‘sleep’

Updated: Jun 11,2015 2:05 PM

Where money has been allocated but projects have not started those state funds will be recalled for other key projects, and the money given to those who want to and are capable of making a difference, Premier Li Keqiang said while chairing a State Council executive meeting on June 10.

Pushing forward measures on the better use of government funds was one of the main themes of the executive meeting and marks the third time that the executive meeting discussed the issue.

At another earlier meeting of the State Council the Premier said that we cannot have projects that will benefit the public “crying for money” while funds in other places are “asleep”. During the meeting on June 10, Li went on to elaborate that we should integrate funds in key sectors and accelerate the use of unspent or carry-over funds.

Projects such as the construction of irrigation canals, rural electricity grids and the reconstruction of shantytowns are in urgent need of government funds, Li said, and these projects can boost consumption and investment, benefit the public and should be prioritized when giving financial support.

Li stressed that measures on the better use of government funds have been passed during the meeting and all departments of the State Council should set a good example.

The Premier ordered that better use of government funds should be promoted together with reform in the tax sector, and government powers and responsibilities should be made clear when carrying out the reform.