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Premier promotes big data

Updated: Jun 18,2015 2:32 PM

During a State Council executive meeting on June 17, Premier Li Keqiang emphasized the importance of using big data technology to push the reform of the administrative approval system.

Officials attending the meeting discussed the issue of using the technology to improve the government’s supervisory responsibilities and service.

A government work report delivered in March 2014 included the phrase “big data” for the first time, and Premier Li and officials attending the State Council’s executive meetings now often use this term.

The Premier said on June 17 that using big data to improve supervision - and also services to assist - market players is an “important way to transform the government’s functions,” adding that this technology can help to build a more transparent government.

“Someone told me yesterday that it’s still common for people who want to get an administrative approval to go through complicated and lengthy procedures, and they have no idea which and how many steps they have to go through,” he said. And he also said that if the government clarifies administrative approval procedures this can show the public that its “service is sincere.”

He also emphasized the importance of big data technology to upholding the credit of the market.

“There should not be any doubt about the disclosure of the data concerning market supervision and enterprises’ credit information - otherwise society will not function healthily,” he said, adding that such data should be shared among different government departments.

Premier Li said that using big data technology to help the government change its functions also “benefits national security.”