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China, France should further strengthen cooperation

Updated: Jun 30,2015 4:51 PM     Xinhua

PARIS — Premier Li Keqiang said China and France should follow the trend of world development, take up their responsibilities and develop new areas of cooperation.

Li made the appeal in a signed article published on June 29 by Le Figaro newspaper.

Li arrived in France on June 29 for an official visit, during which he will also deliver a speech at the headquarters of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris.

Noting that the trip is his first official visit to France as the head of the Chinese government, Li expressed the hope that it will start a new chapter for relations and international cooperation between China and France.

It is important for China and France to have a strategic and global vision, and work together to strengthen political mutual trust and traditional friendship between them, Li said in the article, adding that healthy bilateral relations can benefit the two peoples and ensure better prospects for peace and prosperity in the world.

Pointing out that both China and France are important members of the international community, Li stressed that the two sides have the responsibilities to “reinforce the international cooperation and play together a constructive role for peace and development of mankind.”

“Seventy years ago, China and France fought respectively in Asian and European theaters during the world’s anti-Fascism war,” Li said, adding that “for many years, they have worked together tirelessly in favor of a multipolar world, the democratization of international relations and a fair political and economic order.”

Speaking of the United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held this December in Paris, Li said China supports France’s commitment to the success of this conference, and is ready to work with France to actively contribute to the establishment of a global climate governing system that is fair and reasonable.

The Premier also mentioned the great potential of economic cooperation between the two countries.

China’s industrial production capacity and France’s advanced technologies can be combined so as to benefit developing countries by promoting industrialization, and benefit developed countries by increasing exports and creating jobs, Li said.

Li also said that he is looking forward to developing new areas of bilateral cooperation, such as civil nuclear energy and partnership for third markets.

Deepened cooperation between China and France will not only benefit the two countries, but also help support the sustainable growth of world economy, he said.

The two countries’ friendship and cooperation have gone beyond the bilateral framework to extend to the whole Europe and even the world, said Li, stressing that “the Sino-French relationship has always been at the forefront of the relations between China and major Western countries.”