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Role of medical workers emphasized on their special day

Updated: Aug 19,2019 08:33 PM

As the guardians of people's health and life safety, medical workers have enhanced people's well-being with their medical skills and services, making important contributions to a healthy China, Premier Li Keqiang said in an instruction on Aug 19, the second Medical Workers' Day.

He also extended his greetings and sincere wishes to all medical workers.

Efforts should be made to promote reform of the medical and health system and to give full play to the role of medical workers, the Premier said.

Salary incentives and talent cultivation should also be improved, he added.

He called for a harmonious doctor-patient relationship and a social atmosphere that respects doctors and the medical care industry.

And he called on medical staff to have reverence for life and save lives with utter devotion and great love.

“I hope you will improve medical ethics and skills to overcome major diseases such as cancer and other difficult miscellaneous diseases, making greater contributions to a healthy China and people's health,” Premier Li said in the instruction.

At the People’s Great Hall in Beijing, a seminar praising advanced role models was held, where Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan delivered a speech.

Medical workers must improve their clinical care ability and learn new skills to meet people’s needs in the new era, Sun said, adding that they should also insist on disease prevention and popularize health knowledge to improve the public’s health literacy.

Medical ethics and humane solicitude were also emphasized in her speech.

More than 700 representatives, including those from related departments and industrial organizations, attended the meeting.