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Home-based elderly care to be further developed

Updated: Aug 23,2019 17:09

Premier Li Keqiang urged a series of arrangements to promote home-based and diversified elderly care services at the State Council executive meeting on Aug 21.

Home-based elderly care is in line with China’s elderly care tradition, and conforms to the nation's present development level, according to the Premier.

“At present, most senior citizens are enjoying home-based elderly care services supported by communities, which should be further expanded and diversified,” he said.

It was decided at the meeting that efforts will be made to develop a variety of home-based elderly care services supported by communities, including aid in terms of dining, healthcare, travel and cleaning. New communities along with renovated communities must include elderly care in their support services.

Saying that motivating private parties to participate is the key to increasing the supply of elderly care services, Premier Li called for more measures to develop tourism, healthcare and other services suitable for the elderly.

Enterprises should be encouraged to offer products suitable for the aging population, he said, adding that construction and renovation of elderly care facilities in communities should be strengthened.

The Premier also urged efforts to expand the pool of experienced nursing home directors, care workers and social workers.

This will not only meet the expectations of the people, boost the vitality of cities, but also expand effective investment and consumption, he said.

The country will further support the development of commercial endowment insurance and establish a long-term care system linking insurance, welfare and aid, and increase long-term care subsidies for disabled senior citizens living in poverty, according to the meeting.

The meeting also decided to step up supervision over the quality of elderly care products and services. Actions that violate senior citizens’ rights and interests will be severely punished or prosecuted.