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Premier Li calls for solid supervision

Updated: Aug 29,2019 09:26 PM

Premier Li Keqiang called on government departments to prioritize supervision while guaranteeing fairness, at a State Council executive meeting on Aug 28.

Decisions were made to encourage supervision in the streamlining of administration and the delegation of powers, while fair competition will play a bigger role inspiring growth in the market, ushering in a favorable business environment.

That will help market entities perform at their best, the Premier said.

"Only by implementing strict supervision, delegating powers can work with flying colors. Departments concerned should fully fulfill their duties," the Premier said.

"The government should engage supervision work to better serve the development of enterprises and formulate handy supervision rules and standards applicable nationwide."

Administrative law enforcement should be transparent and its legal basis should be made clear to the public, in a bid to facilitate fair supervision, said the Premier.

As decided, supervision duties should be fulfilled in accordance with laws and regulations.

Items that call for administrative supervision, though exempt from approval procedures, should be taken care of by relevant departments, said the Premier.

Solid supervision is needed for key fields concerning public security and health, covering food, drugs, and special equipment, he said.

Innovative supervision modes are encouraged, said the Premier.

Administrative inspections for enterprises should be carried out, including random checks, while results should be announced in a timely manner, he said.

Law enforcement between departments and regions will be encouraged, with inclusive supervision improved for emerging industries, said the Premier.

Internet Plus supervision and credit-based supervision will take effect, with punishments and lifelong restriction mechanisms introduced, he said.

Premier Li said scrapping production permits doesn't mean administrative departments should abandon powers, but to align power delegation with supervision and prioritize supervision.

He said that permits may not guarantee quality, and enterprises may ignore quality after receiving permits, so supervision must reflect this.

The meeting on Aug 28 decided to further ease market access by scrapping production permits for some industrial products.

Premier Li said many kinds of certificates were authorized by several departments, so they should coordinate with each other, clarify the cancellation process, focus on solving major problems and combine and simplify certificates, which will further stimulate the market.

It is reported that some regions could not handle delegated powers, so local governments should cope with this issue, undertake it effectively and take up the responsibilities, he said.

An additional 13 categories of industrial products including internal combustion engines and brake fluid will be exempt from permits for production.

Among them, products related to security, health and environmental protection will be subject to compulsory accreditation management, with fees subsidized by government finance, according to the meeting.

Although the need for production permits has been reduced, departments are asked to establish a management system to ensure the quality and safety of industrial products.