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Premier Li meets with Friendship Award recipients

Updated: Sep 30,2019 10:49 PM

Premier Li Keqiang met with the foreign experts who received the 2019 Friendship Award granted by the Chinese government, and their families, in Beijing on Sept 30.

Vice-Premier Han Zheng also attended the meeting.

Premier Li congratulated the recipients, and praised their efforts to boost China’s modern development and to enhance China’s communication and cooperation with other countries. He also conveyed sincere greetings to all the foreign experts and friends contributing to China’s modernization and their families.

Thanks to the persistent efforts of hundreds of millions of Chinese and support and assistance from foreign experts and international friends, Premier Li said, China has achieved impressive social and economic development over 70 years, especially since the reform and opening-up over 40 years ago.

Noting that China is still the largest developing country in the world, he said the country will firmly stick to the reform and opening-up and work on its own undertakings.

Meanwhile, it will assume its responsibility as a large developing country, and work with other nations to shrink the gap between North and South, achieve win-win results, and promote the progress of the whole society, he added.

Premier Li said China will continue to expand international cooperation in science and innovation, and promote opening and sharing research infrastructure and data resources of large scientific institutions.

The nation will open more scientific programs to foreign experts, and encourage them to lead and participate in China's scientific projects, to create more innovative and scientific achievements for all of mankind, he said.

While implementing more active, open, and effective talent policies, the nation will also study a more efficient green card system for foreign talent, and offer more convenience in their work and life, Premier Li said.

He also pledged further efforts in administration streamlining, services, and intellectual property protection to build a market-oriented, law-based, and international business environment for foreign talent and entrepreneurs.

The foreign experts extended their gratitude to Premier Li for the meeting and to the Chinese government for bestowing the medals.

They congratulated China on its 70th founding anniversary and expressed their resolution to play an active part in propelling China's modernization and the joint social development of all mankind.

The foreign experts, accompanied by their families, also attended the National Day reception celebrating the 70th anniversary.

This year, the number of awardees was doubled because it was an anniversary ending with 0, so there were 100 foreign experts from 31 countries who shared the honor.

Vice-Premier Liu He and Wang Yi, state councilor and minister of foreign affairs, also attended the meeting.