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More work placed to enhance transparency in primary-level govt affairs

Updated: Dec 20,2019 09:55 PM

Government services are supposed to be known to the public, and transparency is an inevitable requirement for primary-level government affairs, Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on Dec 18.

It was decided at the meeting that building on pilot reform, standardization shall be further promoted for the transparency of government affairs covering all government services at counties, city districts, and at the township and community levels.

Premier Li noted that the regulations on transparent government affairs should be fully carried out, with primary-level government services open to the public. And people's rights to know, participate, and supervise should be protected.

These are the significant measures to take to deepen administration streamlining, optimize the business environment, and establish a service-oriented government, Premier Li said.

Wider public involvement in making primary-level government affairs open should be encouraged. As to affairs related to people's vital interests, public hearings and discussions should be held to collect opinions and suggestions in full, the Premier said.

"Our effort in promoting government affairs transparency should be compatible with the self-governance of villagers and community residents," the Premier said. "Primary-level governments should provide guidance and support to affairs within the autonomy of the villagers’ committee and neighborhood committee."

Given the imbalanced development between urban and rural areas and among different regions, no one standard can apply to all places. In promoting the standardization of transparency in primary-level government services, a realistic approach must be followed in light of local conditions, he said.

According to those at the meeting, wider public involvement in the administrative decision-making process will be encouraged. Primary-level governments shall clearly define the scope and format for public involvement in administrative decision-making, and disclose this information to the public.

Primary-level governments, as required by the meeting, should formulate a catalog of government affairs to be made public by the end of 2020. Governments at the primary level should release their service items, as well as guidelines and processes for accessing these services, both online and offline.

To make it easier for businesses and people to access government services, county-level governments should open unified online portals for accessing government services.