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Premier Li stresses anti-epidemic R&D, greets frontline medics

Updated: Feb 09,2020 11:12 PM

Premier Li Keqiang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and head of the leading group on novel coronavirus prevention and control, inspected the novel coronavirus research, conveying his greetings to medics at the Institute of Pathogen Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences on Feb 9.

Premier Li lauded the efforts of the medics in fighting the epidemic after hearing a report about their work. The epidemic-prevention campaign is progressing in full swing.

Coronavirus cases call for timely diagnosis, quarantine, and treatment, the Premier said. Further exertion should be made to engage centralized clinical reception and treatment for patients, and centralized quarantine and observation for suspected pyretic cases and people exposed to the novel coronavirus.

Advanced scientific technology, as well as massive social participation, underpins the national epidemic prevention as an integral force, the Premier said. The most powerful and cutting-edge scientific technologies, along with coordinated prevention work, should be well employed to address the thorniest anti-epidemic problems and fight the virus in a targeted manner.

At the electron microscope laboratory, researchers talked about the latest progress in medicine development and research on the transmission of the virus. Premier Li said that more work should be done to find out the transmission mechanism behind the infection for better treatment and control.

He asked the researchers to voice authoritative views to facilitate virus prevention.

The Premier also paid a visit to the key pathogen system laboratory to learn about the drug screening. He said effective medicines are a vital weapon against the new virus.

It is the key to improving recovery and lowering the death rate, he said, adding that it is a race against time, and drug research should focus on both safety and effectiveness.

Early discovery of effective drugs will improve recovery and lower the death rate to stabilize the whole society, he stressed.

Premier Li Keqiang extended his gratitude to the devoted researchers unswervingly fighting on the front line of the anti-epidemic battlefield.

He said that the R&D medics are of great significance, and they should fulfill their duties at this present critical juncture, and make greater contributions to protecting people's safety and health during the anti-epidemic campaign.

The Chinese people should work hand in glove, unite like a fortress, and conquer the novel coronavirus together.

Vice-Premier Liu He and State Councilor Xiao Jie accompanied the Premier during the inspection.