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Premier Li inspects mask production

Updated: Feb 21,2020 20:27

Premier Li Keqiang engaged in an inspection tour of a makeshift mask enterprise in the Haidian district of Beijing on Feb 21. The enterprise, a high-end medical equipment manufacturer, introduced a whole new mask production line by cooperating with some State-owned enterprises.

The Premier listened to reports concerning production and allocation of key medical supplies and related conditions of supply and demand. He also inquired about the conditions of industrial chains, including mask machines and raw materials. Knowing over 43 million masks could be produced on a daily basis, Premier Li pressed for further improvements in capacity within a short period to reach over 100 million per day.

The Premier also asked the enterprise director if they needed any more help, and was told they are in need of key compartments for spray fusing machines. Premier Li then asked related departments to figure that out promptly. Hearing a nanofibrous coat can be used to prolong masks’ useful duration, Premier Li urged the drug administration to speed up related approvals to realize mass production.

Premier Li stressed masks are of great significance to both medical workers and ordinary people, and also act as prerequisites for orderly work and production resumption. Mask makers should work against time and enhance their capacities to guarantee supplies. The government will take care of excessive output if supply exceeds demand, the Premier added, hence enterprises can produce at ease.

Before leaving, Premier Li took a group photo with staff members, saying he hopes they could do so without masks next time.