Premier stresses stable employment for graduates
Updated: June 3, 2020 22:07

Premier Li Keqiang stressed that high priority must be given to employment and called for efforts to promote jobs for university graduates in an instruction to a teleconference on university graduates' employment and entrepreneurship on June 3.

The Premier urged efforts to carry out policies to stabilize enterprises, secure jobs and adopt more market approaches to enlarge employment chances.

He added the government should continue administration streamlining, optimize government services, increase support for mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and promote industries of new kinds and forms so as to strengthen graduates’ prospects in entrepreneurship and flexible employment.

Premier Li also stressed enhancing professional training and internships, increasing support for graduates from epidemic-hit areas and those struggling to find a job and provide constant employment services to temporarily unemployed graduates.

The employment situation among university graduates must be kept stable for a steady economic and social growth, the Premier added.

Vice-Premier Sun Chunlan and Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua, also members of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, attended the meeting.

This year faces a complicated and severe employment situation, so favorable policies on employment should be enhanced in an all-around way, and services for employment should be upgraded to maintain the overall picture of employment stable.

Employment of graduates from the higher schools should be made the top priority. Various recruitment events can be organized, enterprises should be encouraged to expand recruitment scale and newly added investment should be supported for projects and areas that can absorb more higher school graduates. State-owned enterprises and public institutions should be encouraged to add a lot more positions for these graduates.

Targeted vocational skills training should be provided while enlarging internship scale, and multiple measures should be rolled out to improve graduates' capability for employment and starting up their own businesses.

Policy and service coordination should be enhanced among locations of household registration, job hunting and study. More efforts should be made to address difficult and prominent issues of employment with graduates of higher education, especially for those in Hubei province and those from poor families.

Those at the meeting said university graduates are the priority for employment, which should be particularly stressed before they leave campus.

To that end, the government should spare no efforts in stabilizing and expanding jobs, supporting innovation and entrepreneurship through tax cuts, loans and subsidies, and guiding graduates to find jobs in communities and military camps.

Supply-side reform in university education, specialties adjustment, vocational education and innovation were also highlighted to solve structural problems in employment.

Those at the meeting also asked for more support to poverty-stricken graduates and better employment services to help university graduates establish confidence in job hunting.


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