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Premier Li visits data center in Guizhou

Updated: Jul 07,2020 23:06

Premier Li Keqiang visited the data center at Guian New Area, Southwest China's Guizhou province, on July 7.

As the first national comprehensive big data experimental area in China, Guizhou province features favorable natural conditions, especially in temperature and humidity, that makes the region green and low-carbon, and helps protect data security.

In addition, the local preferential policy on electricity rates has attracted a batch of world-level data centers to move to the province.

Premier Li visited Tencent Guian Qixing Data Center inside tunneled caves and inquired about the data storage size and servers’ performance.

He pulled a hard disk from a server and read the directions, before asking a person in charge what difficulties they are facing along the development process. He was told that the current cluster of data centers that opened within a short period of time had slowed down the transmission speed, which might offset some of the natural advantages of Guizhou as a future data center hub.

Construction of new infrastructure, new urbanization, and major projects remain the priority for China in expanding effective investment this year, Premier Li said, adding that enormous potential exists in Guizhou to grow the big data industry.

He asked related departments to increase support for the construction of new infrastructure facilities, and back up the big data industry and other new-emerging industries.