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Premier: Government Work Report needs recognition by people

Updated: Jan 28,2021 10:17

Premier Li Keqiang said the Government Work Report should gain recognition by the people and collect opinions from a wide array of the public and grassroots representatives.

Premier Li made the remarks on Jan 25 at a symposium on the draft government work report, the draft of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development, and the draft outline for the Long-Range Objectives Through the Year 2035.               

Wang Hang, founder of an online medical company, said the free online diagnosis of several "Internet Plus medical care" platforms provided effective support during last year's battle against COVID-19, and he suggested starting a pilot project to include their operations in the medical service supervision.

Premier Li said scientific and fair supervision could help improve the credibility of Internet Plus medical care and the trust of patients, and promote better development of those platforms.

He also encouraged the application of Internet Plus and other new technologies to expand the coverage of high-quality medical resources with suitable supervision.

In responding to Li Xiangde, head of a rice production company in Southwest China’s Sichuan province, whose advice is to give more support to big grain cultivators and specialized cooperatives, Premier Li said the government will conduct research to improve and strengthen policy support for agriculture, and fully respect the willingness of farmers to develop multiform, moderate-scale operations while maintaining the household contract responsibility system.

Chen Baoguo, a national class-A actor, suggested encouraging original works and passing on the classics to new generations.

The Premier acknowledged his advice, saying that the continuous inheritance of culture is an important factor in the 5,000 years of sustainability of the Chinese nation. Adaptation to changing times should be encouraged to update the classics, he said.

After the representatives offered their opinions, Premier Li urged all related departments to take them seriously and adopt them in future government work, as the suggestions were given on behalf of the people.

"The fundamental purpose of the Party is to serve the people. To adhere to the vision of people-centered development, we must earnestly listen to the opinions and suggestions of the people,” Premier Li said.                   

The Premier also noted the unforgettable experience of last year, in which China withstood multiple impacts, and made remarkable achievements in epidemic control and economic and social development, demonstrating the idea of putting people first and great power in the people.    

“To cope with all kinds of risks and challenges at home and abroad, we still need to rely on the strength of the people," he added.     

Premier Li said social and economic development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period should center on the people and push forward social undertakings to resolve any unbalanced development.      

That requires collective wisdom and efforts from all sectors, he added.   

He called for those at the meeting to strive in their own sectors and advance the causes of the 14th Five-Year Plan to better benefit the people.