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Premier: Scientific advances require cooperation, openness

Updated: Feb 03,2021 05:13 PM

Both cooperation and openness are essential for advancing science, said Premier Li Keqiang during a symposium with foreign expert representatives in China in Beijing on Feb 2.

Today’s boom in the scientific field benefits from multilateral collaboration, unimpeded exchanges of ideas among countries, as well as sustainable economic and social development, Italian astronomer Roberto Soria said during the meeting.

In responding to his suggestions on global opening-up and cooperation, the Premier called for sticking to the consensus that international communication on science, which belongs to all mankind, cannot and should not be interrupted.

Scientists around the world should be aware that scientific research in seclusion is impossible, and instead, it must entail cooperation and openness, he said, emphasizing the historical role of continuous exchanges in scientific development, both in China and the West.

Premier Li expressed the hope that scientists from all countries could resume their mission of enhancing scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges, and create a more open and inclusive world for greater progress based on protection of intellectual property rights.

After hearing Soria’s advice on valuing basic scientific studies, the Premier said the Chinese government has been keenly aware of its importance in spurring innovation, especially technological innovation, and will continue support while encouraging more input from enterprises.

"The Chinese government will intensify efforts in opening-up, and delve into all advanced scientific concepts and research methods worth learning," the Premier said.