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Premier talks with US business leaders via video

Updated: Apr 13,2021 09:35 PM

Premier Li Keqiang talked with US business leaders and answered their questions on April 13 via video link from Beijing.

Those from the US-China Business Council, chairmen of the board and chief executives of more than 20 well-known US multinational companies attended the meeting, which was chaired by Henry Paulson, the former US treasury secretary and chairman of the Paulson Institute.

It is a common expectation for the two peoples and the international community to push forward sound and stable development of China-US relations, Premier Li said.

The Premier called upon the two sides to implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state in their phone talks, commit to non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation, and respect core interests and major concerns of each other.

Efforts should also be made to step up dialogue and communication, expand pragmatic cooperation, and properly deal with differences to promote overall steady development of China-US relations, he said.

As the world's largest developing and developed country respectively, China and the US both stand to gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation, the Premier said.

Economic and trade relations between the two countries are in essence mutually beneficial to each other, and are conducive to both people's well-being, peace, stability, and prosperity in the world.

Despite multiple impacts last year, the two countries have seen trade volume growing against the trend, indicating that there exist conditions and chances for cooperation, and carrying out economic and trade cooperation is needed by both sides, the Premier said.

Problems that show up in cooperation shall be solved in cooperation, he added. Decoupling benefits no one and hurts the world.

The Premier expressed hopes that the two countries can meet each other half way, push forward cooperation by increasing common interests, and keep the industrial and supply chain sound and stable.

China's door of opening-up will be even wider, as adhering to opening-up is the country's fundamental policy, the Premier said.

To step up establishment of the new development paradigm, China will unleash the potential of the domestic market to bolster economic growth and employment, and also open the market containing 1.4 billion Chinese wider to the world. This will continue to make the country an important destination of foreign investment and a large market in the world, he said.

Premier Li added China will further open to the world, forge a market-oriented and rule-based international business environment, promote reform on government functions, and build a level-playing field for both domestic and overseas enterprises.

He said China welcomes enterprises from the United States and other countries to participate in the country's reform and opening-up, as well as modernization process, for win-win benefits.

Premier Li also answered questions raised by the entrepreneurs on COVID-19 prevention and control, tackling climate change, and deepening people-to-people exchanges.

US representatives said it is in accordance with the common interests of both sides to avoid conflicts or confrontation, and to push bilateral ties back to a constructive course.

Economic and trade cooperation serve as the foundation of the US-China relationship, and decoupling will bring huge uncertainties to the two countries and the whole world, they said.

Industrial and business circle in the US supports both sides to promote mutual trust through communication, strengthen coordination and cooperation in fields such as epidemic prevention and control, tackling climate change, and sustainable development and innovation, as well as resume personnel exchanges as soon as possible.

They added American enterprises appreciate China's achievements in expanding opening-up and improving business environment. Optimistic toward its development prospects and market opportunities, they will continue with trade and investment activities in the country for the long-term.

State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and He Lifeng, head of the National Development and Reform Commission, also attended the meeting.