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Premier stresses role of teachers in rural compulsory education

Updated: May 28,2021 08:05

Efforts should be made to strengthen weak links in rural compulsory education and narrow the gaps between urban and rural areas and among different regions for education fairness, Premier Li Keqiang said at the State Council executive meeting on May 26.

Compulsory education is the most important public good that concerns every family, and a basic responsibility of the government, Premier Li said.

He urged efforts to implement measures meant to lessen students’ burdens from off-campus training and schoolwork, raise the level and quality of teaching, and promote balanced development of compulsory education.

"Unlike enterprises, schools aim to cultivate talent, which is their main 'product'. This means the capability of teachers is key," Premier Li said, "They should be a focus for shoring up weak links in rural compulsory education."

Ensure income, housing needs of rural teachers

The Premier stressed building a stronger team of teachers for rural compulsory education, by better ensuring their pay, adopting diverse ways to meet their basic housing needs, and providing makeshift dorms for those working in remote areas with harsh conditions when necessary.

The Premier required efforts to improve the quality of compulsory education teachers by enhancing on-the-job training and education with a record of formal schooling. Professional title appraisal should be assigned more to rural teachers from central and western regions.

"Limited financial funds should be spent wisely, with a focus on improving compulsory education teachers’ income and living conditions, so that they could be treated in the way that is suitable with their career."

Help rural students go outside

"Strong efforts should be made to lay a solid foundation for compulsory education. It is particularly important to shore up weak links of rural compulsory education, so as to help rural students gain smoother access to better development," said the Premier.

Decisions were made at the meeting to continuously improve the basic conditions of school operation in rural areas, and adjust measures to local conditions in facilities establishment including classrooms, dormitories and canteens. Internet facilities should also be improved to promote the openness and sharing of quality educational resources.

The meeting stressed ensuring adequate funding to support compulsory education. The central budget is scheduled to earmark 30 billion yuan this year primarily for central and western regions and some eastern regions in difficulty. Provincial-level support for compulsory education in less developed areas, ethnic regions, border areas and old revolutionary base areas should be strengthened.