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Premier Li urges thorough investigation of major violations

Updated: Jul 15,2021 16:43

The government announced measures to rectify problems discovered in audits on central budget implementation, and other financial revenues and expenditures at the State Council executive meeting held on July 14.

“Clues of major violations of laws and regulations, such as illegal scalping of bulk commodities and tax evasion, have been discovered in the audits, which disrupt market order and the fair market environment, and infringe on the foundation of statutory taxation of the country.” Premier Li said at the meeting.

He also said that a special team should be sent to carry out thorough investigation, regardless of any department at any level, and hold the violators accountable. “Those who maliciously violate laws and regulations will be severely punished in accordance with the law. Typical cases should be publicly exposed,” he said.

“Related departments and local authorities that are found with problems in audits should implement strict responsibilities and solid rectification to ensure the safety of public funds and public property for the benefit of the people,” the Premier urged.

Misbehaviors in rectification to be corrected

According to the deployment made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, audits have been made on central budget implementation and other financial expenditures, as well as management of State-owned assets, and the results have been made public recently.

"The auditors kept a close eye on public funds and public property for investigation, and truthfully reported the problems they found. They have done their due diligence," the Premier said.

General Office of the State Council must take the rectification as a priority of inspection, strengthen follow-up, and make resolute efforts to correct behaviors such as perfunctoriness and falsification, he urged.

Premier Li also set the schedule at the meeting - the results of the rectification should be reported to the State Council by the end of October this year and made open to the public after reporting to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

Targeted system improvement, timely regulation amendment

The Premier stressed that serious violations of laws and regulations should be sternly punished as a deterrence to those from following suit.

The government should draw experiences from different cases, improve related systems and stipulations in a targeted manner, timely amend laws and regulations if needed, strengthen system implementation and regulation on audit and supervision, in a bid to address both the problems and root causes.

Frugal government ensures people's good life

Premier Li said the government should unswervingly tighten its belt to provide a good life to the people.

The current financial situation is admittedly favorable, Premier Li said, adding that departments concerned should have their wits about them to stamp out illegal conducts and ensure rational use of funds.

Premier Li urged the government to continue to cut expenditures, strictly execute financial disciplines, and rule out any illegal ways to raise administrative costs.

Approved preferential policies on tax and fee cuts, employment expansion, and financial support for the real economy, especially the micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises should be fully implemented, the Premier stressed, and funds for elderly-care, education, medication, and housing should leave no room for embezzlement, he added.