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Premier stresses stable energy supply, energy security

Updated: Oct 11,2021 21:25 PM    Xinhua

BEIJING — Premier Li Keqiang has stressed ensuring stable energy supply and energy security and boosting green development support.

Premier Li, also a Standing Committee member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the head of the national energy committee, said at a meeting on Oct 9 that the country should balance development and carbon reduction, deepen market-based reform in the energy sector, and promote green transformation, according to a press release issued on Oct 11.

Energy security bears on development security and national security, Premier Li noted, stressing the country's need to build a modern energy system on the premise of ensuring security and strive to improve the capacity of independent energy supply.

China's goal of peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality meets the country's economic transformation and upgrading requirements and also the need to jointly tackle climate change, the Premier said.

Premier Li called for efforts to ensure the stability of industrial and supply chains and sustained and steady economic development. These efforts should come amid moves to promote the clean use of coal, increase clean energy proportions in total energy consumption, and enhance green development capacity.

Premier Li also stressed efforts to strengthen research and development in cutting-edge green and low-carbon technologies, improve the intelligence level of the power grid, and rely on market mechanisms to promote energy saving, emission reduction, and carbon reduction.