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Premier Li wishes prosperity for Qinghai villagers

Updated: Jan 22,2020 11:05

Premier Li Keqiang visited some local people at Heicheng village, Xinzhuang county, in Xining, Northwest China's Qinghai province, on Jan 21. The Premier brought goods for Spring Festival, which he purchased at a country fair he visited on the morning of the day.

Once troubled by poverty, the village has completely shaken off distress today. The Premier stepped on the snow, and visited two families.

Tibetan villager Li Zhicheng presented a hada, a ceremonial silk scarf, to Premier Li. He also served the Premier hot milk tea and sanzi, a fried dough twist. Premier Li tasted the barley wine offered by the host, and praised the flavor.

Sitting on the kang, a heated brick bed, Premier Li chatted with migrant workers and college students who came back home for the holiday. He asked about their workplace, incomes, and the income gap between being a migrant worker and a farmer. He also asked college students about their job intentions.

The migrant workers told Premier Li that most of them were working in Xining, with a much higher income than doing farm work. They hoped Xining would develop better and faster.

Premier Li told his fellow companions that migrant workers' income has long been the major income for farmers' families. Accelerating the development of new urbanization can create more steady job opportunities for farmers and increase their income, the Premier said. In this way, everybody can become well off and never be in poverty again, he said.