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Premier Li encourages Chongqing residents to rebuild flood-hit homes

Updated: Aug 20,2020 05:34 PM

Premier Li Keqiang paid a visit to residents in Shuangba village, a severely flood-afflicted region in Tongnan district, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality, on Aug 20.

President Xi Jinping's significant instructions on flood-prevention and post-disaster reconstruction should be fully implemented, and the safety of people's lives and property should be soundly secured, Premier Li said.

Dwelling along the Fujiang River, over 8,000 Shuangba villagers suffered from the billowy floods, which left water accumulation in their houses to levels as high as a person's height as well as overall damage to farmlands and vegetable greenhouses around the village.

During his visit, the Premier checked the waterlogged houses, damaged farmlands and shelters for displaced villagers and more.

He also inquired about their specific difficulties and expectations for policy support. The Communist Party of China and the government will surely help flood-stricken villagers ride out a storm, Premier Li said.

The villagers replied that it was the first time they had ever encountered such devastating floods, and many migrant workers rushed back to help them out. Fortunately, neither injuries nor death occurred.

With the strongest cohesion, the family summoned all members together, Premier Li said, telling villagers they have already won the greatest victory with no casualties.

He also compared their efforts to passionate work songs sung by boat trackers on the Fujiang and Jialing rivers in the past. With everyone's efforts, a beautiful home will definitely be rebuilt, the Premier said.