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Premier shows care about incomes, employment of rural residents

Updated: Nov 03,2020 07:42 PM

Premier Li Keqiang made an inspection tour at Donglu village, Wadian town, Anyang city, Central China’s Henan province on Nov 3.

While checking fall wheat in a field, he inquired about yield per mu, which equals 0.066 hectare, revenue, breeds, and alike in detail.

The Premier also worked out accounts with major grain producers, who secured fields through land transfer and studied how to realize breaking-even with certain planting strategies.

He talked with villagers and asked about their life and work to learn about yields against the backdrop of the COVID-19 impact, immigrant workers, and returned start-up entrepreneurs.

Villagers replied that they work for major grain producers in busy seasons and go out for work in slack seasons.

A college graduate returned and set up a general store to hire over 20 villagers. And a villager helps farmers in neighboring villages harvest wheat with an advanced reaper, they said.

Working for one another and flexible employment has become a major channel for villagers to increase their incomes, and local authorities should set the stage for them with full support, the Premier said.