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Premier brings holiday presents to locals in Shanxi

Updated: Feb 07,2021 10:58 PM

Premier Li Keqiang visited local residents in Wucun village of Miaoqian town, Xiaxian county, Yuncheng city, in North China’s Shanxi province, on Feb 7.

At the home of Fan Qishan, the Premier learned about the family’s land area and asked how much Fan earns from farming and working outside, and then encouraged him to keep up his efforts even after shaking off poverty.

In the afternoon, the Premier visited the home of Meng Shuping, who lives in the shanty areas of the city’s Yanhu district. Premier Li learned about their urgent needs, and about problems such as flooding during rainstorms and insufficient winter heating in the home.

While recognizing local government’s measures to enlist the help of market forces to speed up shantytown renovation, Premier Li called for accelerated efforts to kick off the work to meet public expectations and promised continued national support for renovation of shantytowns and old residential communities.

Before leaving, Premier Li gave each of the two residents a present for the upcoming Spring Festival, wishing them a better life. He bought the presents at a market in Yuncheng earlier that morning, where he stressed the need to ensure a sufficient supply of goods and stable prices.