China will continue its opening-up policies, Premier Li says
Updated: May 29, 2020 07:29 CGTN

China will further expand cooperation with the rest of the world, said Premier Li Keqiang in a virtual press conference after the conclusion of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress.

"It is impossible for any country to have achievements with its doors closed," Premier Li said. "China will not walk away from its commitments. Instead, we will further expand our cooperation with the rest of the world."

Premier Li said he believes opening-up is indispensable to a country's development as well as to the benefit of human beings, otherwise one will suffocate in an enclosed space.

He then emphasized the need to work with other countries to keep global industrial and supply chains working. While some may say there are some adjustments taking place in these global industrial and supply chains, he said, it is only natural that businesses make decisions to adjust in keeping with market principles and rules.

Premier Li also said keeping an environment of mutual openness is important for countries to live side by side in amity, and hoped that all countries will observe the principles of mutual respect and equality. "If there are some rules in today's world that some are not happy about, we can all sit down and work things through in the quest to pursue mutual benefit."

"We should also work together to tackle our common challenges and difficulties," said Premier Li. "We believe all countries should fulfill their due international obligations. And China, the largest developing country, will live up to its share of international responsibilities."

Premier Li also pointed out the market potential of China, stressing that measures intended to provide relief to businesses and revitalize the market will be fully implemented, and urged people to stay optimistic about coming to invest in China.

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