Procedures of L visa application for family reunion with relatives residing in Beijing
Updated: August 4, 2020 15:10

I. Applicants

Foreign Citizens over 60 (included) with no next-of-kin abroad coming to join their relatives residing in Beijing.

II. Application Documents

1. Passport with Current visa

2. Residence Registration Certificate for Beijing

3. Visa or residence Permit Application Form

4. A recent 2-inch photo with pale blue background

5. ID card, Residency Certificate of the relative for those visiting Chinese citizens residing in Beijing; or Foreign Citizen Permanent Resident Card for those visiting the card holder

6. Notarized Certificate of Kinship

7. Notarized testimonial that the applicant has no next-of-kin abroad,

8. Notarized certificate of the applicant’s source of income, or financial guarantee by the relative,

9. Notarized Lease Agreement or Ownership Certificate of the applicant or the relative.


Photocopies and originals are required of the above listed documents; whilst notarization by local Chinese Consulates is required for certificates issued abroad.

III. Term of Validity

Visas good for 6 or 12 months with 0/single/double/multi entries are granted.

IV. Time for Approval

Approval upon submission of requisite documents will take 5 workdays, which does not include Saturday when applications are collected.

V. Office Hours

08:30 – 16:30 Monday to Saturday

VI. Address

No. 2 Andingmen Avenue (East), Dongcheng district, Beijing

(Southeast of Beixiaojie Bridge, 2nd Ring Road)

Public transportation

Beixiaojie Huokou Stop by Bus 44, 13, 116, 807, 117, 2 special (Te-Er), or

Yonghe Temple Stop by Underground Line 2

VII. Fee Rates

Please refer to [Visa Fee Rate for Countries on Reciprocal Treaties], [Visa Fee Rate for Countries not on Reciprocal Treaties], and [Fee Regulations (2003) 392] promulgated by State Planning Board and Ministry of Finance.

VIII. Information Desk

Tel. 86 - 10 - 8402 0101, or

For more information, please visit the website of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau:

IX. Customer Service Line

Tel. 86 - 10 - 8401 5300 86 - 10 - 8401 5316

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