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Ministry unveils plan for artists’ grassroots stints

Updated: Dec 5,2014 11:46 PM     Xinhua

BEIJING — The Ministry of Culture on Dec 5 unveiled its scheme to send more than 3,000 artists to the countryside by the end of 2015 to seek inspiration and closer ties with the people.

The artists, affiliated with various art groups under direct supervision of the ministry, will be sent out in 100 groups between early December through the end of 2015, said Vice-Minister Dong Wei at a ceremony to kick-start the campaign.

The mission and goals of their time in the countryside include performing for locals, looking for creative inspiration, collecting experience from residents’ lives and pairing with grassroots artists in creative programs.

Planned destinations span the country, but the length of their stays is not yet clear.

The campaign came after President Xi Jinping in October urged artists to create more works that are both “artistically outstanding and morally inspiring” to serve the people and showcase socialist values.

“Only by coming down from their high horses to draw artistic creativity from the people, trueheartedly mingle with them and learn from them can our artists create works that have power, morals, warmth and can withstand the test of time,” Minister Cai Wu said at the ceremony.