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2014-2020 development planning for weather modification unveiled

Updated: Dec 26,2014 10:36 AM

BEIJING — On Dec 17, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and China Meteorological Administration (CMA) jointly issued Development Planning for National Weather Modification (2014-2020). The Planning confirms the further guiding thought, goals, general layout, primary missions, and operating mechanism about weather modification. 

According to the Planning, by 2020, China will establish more comprehensive weather modification working system and form six regional development patterns, achieve important results of basic research and application technology, improve support capacities and security control level and increase service benefits for eco-social development. In that time, artificial precipitation will increase over 60 billion cubic meters per year, artificial hail prevention areas will add to 54 million square kilometers.

It’s reported that six weather modification regional centers include in centers of Northeast, Northwest, North, Central, Southwest and Southeast, respectively aims to provide supports for food production, ecological environment, water resource, feature agriculture and reservoir filling and generating electricity.

The Planning is a great action for promoting the scientific development of weather modification.