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Chinese, Russian FMs pledge mutual support on core interests

Updated: Feb 16,2020 10:16 AM    Xinhua

MUNICH — State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Feb 15 met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Munich, as both pledged mutual support on core interests of each other.

The two top diplomats met on the sidelines of the 56th Munich Security Conference.

Wang said that during China's ongoing fight against the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Russian President Vladimir Putin voiced support to China repeatedly and Russia sent aid supplies to China with a chartered flight.

Russia's response showed the high level of China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era, and the good tradition of the mutual support between the two countries, said Wang, who appreciated Russia's support and believed that the solidarity and mutual trust of the two countries will be strengthened in the process of the anti-coronavirus fight.

Wang said that a series of high-level exchanges have been scheduled this year. China is willing to work closely with Russia, in a bid to enhance the friendship and mutual trust of the two presidents and work for new progress of the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination in a new era.

As both China and Russia are facing the threat of hegemonism and power politics, the two countries should continue to firmly support each other on issues concerning respective core interests. China is willing to strengthen dialogues and cooperation with Russia in the Central Asian region, in a bid to jointly safeguard the peace and stability of the neighboring regions of both countries.

In the meantime, China will also strengthen coordination with Russia on major global issues, jointly sending positive signals to the world and better safeguarding world peace and security, Wang added.

Lavrov said Russia will spare no efforts to support China's war against the epidemic and will continue to provide China with all the necessary aid. Russia appreciated China's great efforts in containing the epidemic.

Russia is satisfied with the smooth development of the Russia-China comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, Lavrov said.

This year, the presidents of the two countries will visit each other again, Lavrov said. Russia will take advantage of this chance to implement the consensus reached between the two leaders and further deepen bilateral cooperation in all fields, according to Lavrov.

Russia and China have a solid foundation for mutual trust, so that all attempts trying to alienate our relations will come in vain, Lavrov said. Russia and China will continue to resolutely support each other.

Lavrov said that Russia is also willing to strengthen communication with China on issues in the Central Asian region and concerning Iran, Libya, Afghanistan and others. Russia and China will also further coordinate with their stances on international issues and jointly play their roles.