FM urges US to create favorable conditions for implementing phase-one trade deal
Updated: February 16, 2020 09:55 Xinhua

BERLIN — State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on the United States to respect the recommendations made by the World Health Organization on the epidemic of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and to create favorable conditions for implementing the China-US phase-one trade agreement.

In an interview with Reuters on Feb 14, Wang expressed his hope that the United States would not adopt unnecessary trade and personnel restrictions in the difficult times of epidemic.

"Given the US' highest-level travel advisory against China, practically that will bring about some challenges to the implementation of the agreement," he said.

The Chinese people always honor their commitments, Wang said, adding that the phase one trade agreement has been reached between the two sides based on equality and mutual respect.

China stands ready to work with the United States to implement the agreement, which will truly benefit both China and the United States, as well as the whole world, Wang said.

The Chinese market is big enough to withstand the impact of the epidemic, which is temporary, Wand said, pointing out that when the epidemic is over, the subdued consumer demand will be released quickly, the dynamism of China's economy will rebound strongly, and the market will continue to grow.

There will be better conditions to implement the consensus in the phase-one deal as China deepens reforms and expands opening-up in accordance with its own timetable and road map, said Wang.

He said that China will keep up its end of the bargain and hopes the United States will deliver its commitments to China as well.

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