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China to promote nationwide standardization of transparency in primary-level government affairs

Zhang Yue
Updated: Dec 18,2019 10:06 PM

China will comprehensively promote the standardization of transparency in primary-level government affairs as part of its effort in building a services-oriented government to better meet the needs of businesses and the people.

A host of steps in this respect were adopted on Dec 18 during the State Council’s executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang.

The standardization of transparency in primary-level government affairs is an important reform task the CPC Central Committee set out. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that piloting the standardization of government affairs transparency at the primary level is an important outcome of our comprehensive deepening of reform. Premier Li Keqiang, underlining the imperative of work on this front, reviewed and approved the pilot reform program.

“Government affairs at the primary level are closest to the daily lives of the people. We must do a better job in making primary-level government affairs open by promoting the standardization of the practice, making sure that disclosure of decision-making information will be the norm, whereas the lack of it, an exception,” Premier Li said.

Attendees at the meeting decided that building on pilot reform, standardization shall be further promoted for the transparency of government affairs covering all government services at counties, city districts, and at the township and community levels.

Wider public involvement in the administrative decision-making process will be encouraged. Primary-level governments shall clearly define the scope and format for public involvement in administrative decision-making, and disclose this information to the public. They must promptly respond to any public concern about policy implementation and project development.

“There must be sufficient public involvement as we promote government affairs transparency. The views and suggestions of the people must be fully heeded through public hearings and discussions when it comes to issues that involve people’s interests,” Premier Li said, “Our effort in promoting government affairs transparency should be compatible with the self-governance of villagers and community residents.”

Primary-level governments should formulate, by the end of 2020, a catalog of government affairs to be made public. Governments at the primary level shall release their service items, as well as guidelines and processes for accessing these services, both online and offline.

To make it easier for businesses and people to access government services, county-level governments shall open unified online portals for accessing government services.

“In promoting the standardization of transparency in primary-level government services, we must follow a realistic approach in light of local conditions. Given the size of our country and how much regions vary from each other, we must take into full account the realities on the ground. This will help ensure that work on this front achieves its desired results,” Premier Li said.