China tightens preventive measures to curb novel coronavirus
Updated: January 23, 2020 16:59 Xinhua

BEIJING — Chinese authorities have launched a series of preventive and control measures to curb the spreading of the novel coronavirus-related pneumonia.

Scientific research institutions quickly developed the reagent test kits, which sped up disease confirmation, after the outbreak of pneumonia.

The National Health Commission (NHC) has issued a prevention and control plan, which has been continuously updated in accordance with the development of the pneumonia situation.

The NHC also announced that the country would take preventive and control measures of category A infectious diseases to effectively fight against pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus.

The Ministry of Finance and the National Healthcare Security Administration have jointly issued a circular to offer financial support for treating patients with such pneumonia.

A leading workgroup has been established by the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine to organize hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine at all levels and of all kinds to coordinate in the control and prevention of pneumonia.

It also encouraged experts of traditional Chinese medicine to participate in treatment, especially for severely-affected patients, as well as research on the disease.

Wild animals that are likely to carry the novel coronavirus are banned from transshipment and sale, according to a plan jointly proposed by the State Administration for Market Regulation and other departments.

In order to prevent medical staff from being infected, the NHC on Jan 23 issued a technical guide on the prevention and control of infection caused by the novel coronavirus in medical institutions.

The guide requires medical institutions to ensure sufficient supplies including isolation gowns and masks to protect medical staff, make reasonable work schedules for them, provide them with nutritious meals and monitor their health.

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