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China helps disadvantaged groups overcome epidemic impact

Updated: Mar 09,2020 17:12    Xinhua

BEIJING — China's civil affairs authorities have taken a range of measures to help disadvantaged groups overcome the coronavirus epidemic impact on their living conditions, including increased living costs, an official said on March 9.

The coronavirus outbreak has led to changes in the number of disadvantaged people and their living conditions, partly because some people who used to make a living as migrant workers cannot go out to work, and their income has decreased, Liu Xitang, an official with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, told a press conference.

At the same time, some traveling people are grounded due to local traffic control measures, and some who live alone and used to be taken care of by others might find their daily life difficult because their carers are absent due to isolation for various reasons, Liu noted.

In addition to simplifying procedures for people in need to seek temporary assistance from the government, China has introduced a number of measures to tackle the situation.

Central authorities have demanded efforts to ensure that subsidies be paid to low-income populations in a timely manner and in full and additional assistance be provided to poor families with members diagnosed with novel coronavirus, according to Liu.

Children, elderly and disabled people, who cannot be attended to when their usual carers are placed in isolation or treated for coronavirus infection, should be provided basic care services by local civil authorities or community workers, Liu said.

Orphans, left-behind children, elderly people and other disadvantaged people including those severely ill or disabled who are placed in isolation at home because of the epidemic, should be regularly visited and offered timely assistance by civil authorities and community workers, he added.