China firmly opposes US restrictions on Chinese tech giant Huawei
Updated: May 17, 2020 21:46 Xinhua

BEIJING — China firmly opposes the latest US export controls targeting Chinese tech giant Huawei, said spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce on May 17. 

The US Department of Commerce announced on May 15 that it will impose new restrictions on Huawei's acquisition of semiconductors.

The United States has used state power to persistently suppress and contain a specific foreign firm in the name of national security and abused export controls. It is a violation of market principles and fair competition, a disregard for basic international economic and trade rules, and a severe threat to the security of global industrial and supply chains, according to the spokesperson.

"The move not only undermines Chinese and US firms' interests, but also hurts the interests of enterprises from other countries," the spokesperson said.

The Chinese side urges the US side to immediately cease such actions and create conditions for normal trade and cooperation between enterprises, the spokesperson said, adding that China will take any necessary measures to defend Chinese firms' legitimate rights and interests.

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