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Civil aviation sector steps up virus control

Luo Wangshu
Updated: Jul 30,2021 07:31 AM    China Daily

China's civil aviation authority has increased the frequency of front-line civil aviation workers undergoing nucleic acid testing for the novel coronavirus after new cases emerged recently in multiple provinces.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China has ordered that the sector's key front-line staff members be tested every two days, according to the administration's website on July 29.

Feng Zhenglin, director of the administration, said workers who have direct contact with international passengers and cargo will be kept separate from those who work with domestic passengers and cargo, and neither group is allowed to have contact with their family members or other outsiders during work hours.

On July 28, the Civil Aviation Administration held a meeting to analyze the recent COVID-19 prevention and control situation and further strengthen its epidemic prevention and control measures.

Feng said he requires continuous improvement to epidemic prevention and control measures in key locations and key links and for key personnel.

In response to the new changes and characteristics of the Delta mutant strain, Feng required the civil aviation facilities to continue strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control measures for crew members and focusing on implementing such measures for ground support personnel.