China's 2021 anti-piracy operation helps clean up cyberspace
Updated: September 28, 2021 16:48 Xinhua

BEIJING — A national anti-piracy operation targeting copyright infringement on the internet has helped clean up cyberspace, an official statement said on Sept 28.

Copyright law enforcement departments at various levels have investigated 445 cases involving online copyright infringement, shutting down 245 illegal websites and mobile applications transmitting pirated content, and removing 618,300 web links with such content since the operation was launched in June, said the statement.

During the operation implemented by the National Copyright Administration of China in collaboration with three other central departments, internet platforms removed more than 8.46 million links that violated copyright laws and regulations, and major short video platforms removed some 80,400 such links associated with the Tokyo Olympic Games, it added.

Targets of the operation in 2021 included short videos edited from unauthorized films and TV programs and copied from others without due authorization, livestreaming programs disseminating unauthorized films, music, photos, games and other works as well as unauthorized use of copyrighted content in teaching and educational materials.

The operation is the 17th national campaign targeting online copyright infringement since 2005.

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