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China to promote orderly transfer of manufacturing industry

Updated: Jan 15,2022 06:59    Xinhua

BEIJING — China has issued a guideline on promoting the orderly transfer of the manufacturing industry to facilitate coordinated development among different regions and maintain the stability of industrial and supply chains.

By 2025, the capacity of central, western and northeastern regions to undertake industrial transfers will have been significantly improved, and the layout of the manufacturing sector will have been further optimized, per the guideline jointly released by 10 government departments and agencies.

Labor-intensive industries will be mainly transferred to central and western regions with abundant labor forces and convenient transportation systems, according to the guideline.

Technology-intensive industries will be transferred to core cities in central, western and northeastern regions, which have abundant innovative factors and solid industrial foundations.

The country will encourage the transfer of qualified energy-intensive industries to western regions with advantages in clean energy, while encouraging the coordinated transfer of producer services and manufacturing.

The guideline underlines efforts to strengthen cooperation between the upstream and downstream sectors of industrial and supply chains, and to support the eastern region to back up the development of central, western and northeastern regions through trusteeship and joint development.

It also encourages the incubation and commercialization of eastern regions' scientific and technological innovations in central, western and northeastern regions.