China to boost green development of Belt and Road
Updated: March 28, 2022 21:44 Xinhua

BEIJING — China will promote the green development of the Belt and Road, strengthening international cooperation on the issue, the country's top economic planner said on March 28.

China aims to enhance cooperation in multiple areas with the countries along the Belt and Road by 2025 and form a green development pattern for the initiative by 2030, according to a guideline issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and three relevant departments.

Cooperation on clean energy will be deepened as China encourages solar and wind power companies to "go global," and promotes technological cooperation in areas including renewable energy, advanced nuclear power, smart grids and hydrogen energy, said the guideline.

Meanwhile, new-energy vehicles and smart transportation plans will be promoted along the Belt and Road, the development momentum of China-Europe freight trains will be consolidated, and green logistics will be advanced, it said.

China will continuously optimize the trade structure and vigorously develop trade in green products featuring high-quality, high-tech and high-added-value, it added.

Collaboration on coping with climate change and green finance will also be stepped up, the guideline said.

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