China's doors open to more foreign investment
Updated: June 3, 2022 09:05 Xinhua

BEIJING — Foreign investors are welcome to further expand their businesses in China and share the benefits brought by China's development, the Ministry of Commerce said on June 2.

Ministry spokesperson Gao Feng made the statement when addressing questions concerning US online retailer Amazon's recent announcement that it will close its Kindle eBook store in China.

Products and services evolve quickly in China, a rapidly growing consumer market that is the second largest in the world, Gao said. It is normal for market entities, including foreign-funded firms, to adjust their products and services based on market developments, he said.

Overall, China retains its appeal to foreign investment, and it welcomes more competitive products, businesses and services from foreign investors, he said.

Addressing questions on the United States' intention to add more Chinese companies to its "blacklist" for economic sanctions, Gao said that the United States has severely undermined the order of the international economy and trade, as well as trade rules, and threatened the stability of global industrial and supply chains. It has done so by abusing export control, using it as a tool to oppress foreign firms, institutions and individuals without factual grounds.

China will take necessary actions to protect the legitimate rights and interests of its companies, Gao said.

The United States should cease its wrongful actions immediately and do more to help the global economy stabilize and recover, Gao said. Win-win cooperation is the common expectation of the international community.

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