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China firmly rejects US blatant provocation, political gamble

Updated: Aug 05,2022 06:54    Xinhua

PHNOM PENH — State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi further expounded in Phnom Penh on Aug 4 on China's stance on the US act of provocation against China's sovereignty.

Speaking on the sidelines of the East Asia Summit Foreign Ministers' meeting, Wang said the US side trampled on international law, breached bilateral commitments, sabotaged peace across the Taiwan Straits, supported separatism, and advocated confrontation between blocs, which is a blatant provocation against the Chinese people and the peace-loving people in all countries in the region, and a political gamble with an odious impact.

He said the performance of Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the US House of Representatives, has caused US politics, foreign diplomacy, and credibility to go bankrupt again, proving the United States is the biggest destroyer of peace across the Taiwan Straits and the biggest troublemaker of regional stability.

Her performance also proved the extremely confrontational and harmful nature of the US "Indo-Pacific strategy," as well as the US hypocrisy and double standards when dealing with international rules, Wang noted.

If the Chinese side doesn't firmly reject the manic, irresponsible, and extremely irrational behavior of the United States, the principle of international relations on respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity will become a mere scrap of paper, various kinds of separatists, and extremist forces will intensify their activities, and the hard-won peace and stability in the region will be severely damaged, he stressed.

Wang stressed that this incident was orchestrated and incited single-handedly by the United States, as the causes and consequences are clear, and so are the rights and wrongs.

To avoid this crisis being forced on China, Wang said, China made the greatest diplomatic efforts, but at the same time, it would never allow its core interests and the process of national rejuvenation to be jeopardized.

He said China would not sit back watching the United States play the "Taiwan card" to serve its domestic politics and the selfish desires of its politicians, nor would China ever tolerate deeds to create tension, stoke confrontation, and instigate secession in the region.

Wang said the comprehensive measures China is currently taking and will take in the future are necessary and timely defensive counterattacks, which have been carefully considered and evaluated with an aim to safeguard national sovereignty and security.

These measures are in line with international and domestic laws, serve as a warning to provocateurs, and will maintain regional stability and peace across the Taiwan Straits, he added.

Wang called on all parties to see through the cause and essence of the current crisis, jointly oppose the US side's risky adventures and provocations, continue to support China's legitimate position and measures, and jointly maintain regional peace and peace across the Taiwan Straits.