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Govt policy moves from past weeks

Mo Jingxi
Updated: Nov 11,2021 07:14    China Daily

New guideline outlines rights of truck drivers

In concert with 15 other departments, the Ministry of Transport has issued a guideline to solve problems affecting truck drivers and give them a stronger sense of attachment to their occupation.

Addressing a news conference on Nov 3, Vice-Minister of Transport Wang Yang said that the guideline outlines nine specific aspects focused on addressing the complaints of truck drivers, ranging from parking issues and license application difficulties to unreasonable policies.

For example, law enforcement in the transportation sector must now be carried out in a strict, procedural manner to protect personal rights and dignity.

Regulations imposing unreasonable punishments on drivers will be rectified, and local transportation and public security authorities will be required to establish hotlines to deal with complaints from drivers over violations of law enforcement.

According to the guideline, in order to ensure that truck drivers are able to find a place to rest more easily, the number of parking spaces for trucks at expressway service areas will be increased.

Delivery times should also be determined in a reasonable manner to guarantee the right of drivers to rest, the guideline stipulated.

Wang said that the Ministry of Transport will coordinate with relevant departments to ensure that local authorities put into place all the measures contained in the guideline.

Initiative aims to ensure migrant workers get pay

A notice issued by the State Council Leading Group Office of Eradicating Nonpayment of Wages to Rural Migrant Workers stated that a special nationwide campaign was launched on Nov 1 to ensure that migrant workers from rural regions are properly paid before Spring Festival.

The campaign, which will last until next February's festival, will focus on industries and companies that tend to delay the payment of wages, such as the engineering construction sector.

All verified payment-related problems must be solved before Spring Festival, and no mass disruptions or crimes are to be caused by nonpayment.

According to the notice, the office will set up a special group to investigate cases involving large unpaid sums because of their negative social effect.

Employers suspected of refusing to pay on time will be transferred to the courts and held criminally liable.

More free sports parks to be built nationwide

China will build or renovate about 1,000 sports parks around the country by 2025 to ensure the public has access to more free options for exercise to meet the growing demand for physical fitness and a better quality of life.

According to the guideline, jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission and six other departments on Oct 29, administrative regions with more than 500,000 permanent residents should have no less than 100,000 square meters of sports parks.

In terms of facilities, the guideline said that parks should have footpaths and a square for use by the middle-aged and elderly, space for teenagers to play football, basketball and volleyball, and playground facilities for younger children.

Noting that construction should not harm the environment, the guideline stated that the parks must be built in open, natural spaces where construction does not lead to the removal of too much greenery, and that no less than 65 percent of the parks should be planted.

Real estate development and excessive commercialization are not permitted in the parks, it stated.