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Guangdong exports $10m worth of mooncakes

Li Wenfang
Updated: Aug 11,2014 3:46 PM

Companies in Guangdong province, hometown of many overseas Chinese, have exported nearly 1,300 tons, worth $10 million, of mooncakes this year, which represents a slight increase year-on-year.

They have largely wrapped up their mooncake export this year, with Mid-Autumn Festival falling on September 8 this year and taking into account the transport time, according to Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

One of the largest mooncake exporters in Guangdong, Likofu Food Co of Guangzhou Restaurant Group has exported more than 100,000 boxes of mooncakes, mainly Cantonese-style ones.

Guangdong mooncakes were exported to 19 countries and regions, with North America taking up more than half of exports because of larger Chinese population.

Entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureaus in Guangdong have been conducted to help companies meet food standards in overseas markets.