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Burning tower

Updated: Sep 2,2014 4:56 PM     

“Burning tower”, Chaocan, Guangdong

People in Chaocan have many customs for the Mid-Autumn Day, such as worshipping the Goddess of the Moon, eating moon cakes and playing on a swing. In the villages, people “burn a brick tower” during the day. In the morning of the Mid-utumn Day, people lay a hollow tower by bricks and tiles, and fill the insides with straws, firewood and tree leaves. At night when the full moon rises, they light the fire at the bottom of the tower. Immediately, the flames pour out of the tower and light up the sky. Villagers admire the moon and eat moon cakes while enjoying the fire.

This year, many villages and scenic areas will “burn towers” to offer visitors an impressive Mid-autumn Festival. The “burning towers” by the seaside attracts many people. The burning towers contrast finely with the blue sea and bright moon. This custom makes the festival more enjoyable.