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Wu Gang Cutting Sweet Osmanthus Tree

Updated: Sep 2,2014 3:00 PM     

Wu Gang is doing his job in the Palace of the Moon.

When we look up at the bright moon, we can see a black shadow on the moon, which is the legendary Wu Gang who is trying to cut down the sweet osmanthus tree. According to legends, Wu Gang was an ordinary woodcutter who was obsessed with becoming an immortal. He went to mountains and asked an immortal as his teacher and sought instructions from him.

However, Wu Gang was very shiftless and impatient and couldn’t concentrate his attention. The immortal was enraged and made him stay on the moon. The immortal let Wu Gang to cut down the sweet osmanthus tree on the moon and informed him that he could become an immortal once he cut down the tree. Wu Gang tried his best to cut the tree with his axe; however, the tree would regrow naturally as what it was like. Thus, Wu Gang kept cutting the sweet osmanthus tree day after day, but couldn’t manage to cut it down because of its regrowth.