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China, EU share position on international cooperation, against protectionism

Updated: Mar 13,2017 10:50 AM     Xinhua

China and the European Union (EU) are pursuing international cooperation in the most sustained and professional manner, former Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel has said.

Certain developments away from such cooperation are dangerous, and it is urgent to prioritize multilateral cooperation, Schuessel told Xinhua in a recent interview.

China-EU economic cooperation is good at present and the two parties have a mutual position amid the new US administration’s protectionist tendency, Schuessel said.

Schuessel said it is very important for powerful countries to work together in a multilateral context, under the auspices of the United Nations, and in regional cooperation.

He believes that China is well aware of this, and has prepared to play its role and take on greater responsibility, as seen by its active participation in UN missions.

China always plays a constructive role in dealing with conflicts, such as in Iran, Syria and Ukraine, Schuessel said.

China and Europe could also work together in Syria and other unstable regions, he said, adding that the ideal scenario would be for the United States and Russia to also join in efforts to ensure peace and security on a global level.

He said that it is positive that China has now made the EU a priority as an entity.

However, in his view, the two are facing challenges, including the climate change, the mediation of international disputes and the issue of how certain territories, such as the Arctic and Antarctic as well as outer space, should be regulated.

The former Austrian leader recalled the concept of a “new order or no order” put forward several years ago. He reiterated his stance that the danger is that there will be no order and no rules, and thus he hopes that Europe and China are well-advised and can have good mutual cooperation to maintain a peaceful world order.